TEAM PENN Takes Out Heaviest Fish with a Pending State Record on 10kg


TEAM PENN takes out heaviest fish with a pending state record on 10 kg

The Spot on Light Line comp was pushed back 4 weeks after a weather cancellation. The fish that were haunting “The Neck” it was always going to be easy to get a fish to go line class fish, but getting them onto the deck was going to be hard work. The size of the school Bluefin and Albacore that were being taken during the week were much bigger than in previous years.

Team PENN _ DOUBLE BLACK couldn’t wait to get out there amongst it. We spent the week trying to formulate a plan that would give us the best chance to land a winning fish, and hopefully a record to boot. It was Adrian ‘MOZZA’ Morissby’s turn to skipper the team bar crusher and with his local knowledge the pressure was on…

NOW … Usually in Team PENN we have a well laid out plan. We then tend to change that 3-4 times before we actually back the Double Black into the soup. Adrian’s plan was to find a HORSE Albacore on 6 or 8 kg. There had been a number of large specimens about and he felt they tire more easily than a SBT. We would also find these Alby’s on the shelf, well away from the seals that had been giving the boats a touch up during the week.

Friday night we did some careful analysis of recent reports and had a good idea where they were getting caught. Mozz started to feel the pressure due to the area being very close to the spot we didn’t turn a reel in at the start of the year.

Talking to some old salty sea dawgs the night before, and with Hooch telling Mozz to,

stick with the plan ya spaz. We can change up and go to plan B if we have to

The call was made to go north to the “Albacore Honey hole” spend half hour on that and then B-line for the shelf. We would then run down the shelf looking for the big Albacore Tuna. This would have us at “The Hippolyte Rock” around the time it tends to fire up, should we need to execute Plan B.

We left the bay and instead of rounding the point and heading South with the rest of the fleet we veered to Port and went North. 5 minutes later we had a look to see what the fleet were up to now and they were all still heading South. Clinton and John ‘Jay Eff’ Farrell were starting to get a bit nervous, as was Mozz.

Mozz had one last “second guess” only to be reassured by Hooch

Stick to our guns, keep our powder dry and put a good fish on Deck” and that “it will be ok

Ok for him as Mozz was the one looking down the barrel of biting a slimey in half if he failed…
Team rules!

OFF we steamed into the Darkness.

Breeze was out of the North and had stiffened which made it interesting to lay the spread out. Thanks to some innovation from Mario at Zacatak lures we had some nice lead filled resin heads that were holding in the water nicely.

Not long after the spread was set shot-gun was hollering like the lead singer of One Direction on Helium.

Jay Eff jumped on the stick to the call “it’s a bloody Striped Tuna”

“DAMN” Mozz said.

Hooch mentioned “At least we have something for you to bite the belly out of if you fail”.

It was slow going so it was tucker time so we stocked the 12 volt Travel Buddy oven up with some savoury toast which made everything all right. Nothing quite like the smell of cooking tucker to make the day all right.

The weather has had taken a turn for the worse, but thanks PFD AUSTRALIA, we were warm and dry. Our new “Storm Rider” outfits were great and Hooch thought they were very sliming and made him look ruggedly handsome?? ?

We all said… ……. “Yes Hooch they do”……

A few more Striped Tuna and we engaged the second part of Plan A. Hit the Shelf. We pulled the spread in and motored for the shelf. We arrived to also find a big trawler running south the same as we had planned. We quartered off our heading and ended up pulling up alongside the big girl just as we got to the shelf.

We found another few Stripey’s before we hit our 1st Albacore about adjacent Pirates Bay. We started to pull away from the big hunk of BHP’s finest, that’s when we got our first double on Alberts. Hard to get a good hook set on light line and dropped one. Jay Eff started to work on the other. Meanwhile ole Capt sea rapist started to bear down on us. Mozz started to mention

“This could get ugly” but JF landed it and it eventually went 12.4kg on 10.

Feeling we may have found fish, we set all the 6 and 8kg gear and started working the spot. Was not long and we had another pair of strikes that were under the 12.4 around the 750mm long so we banged tags in them and sent them on their way.

Short time later we were on again on the only 10 in the spread and Hooch was into a good fish, working like the true pro he is the “recently” ruggedly handsome Hooch had the fish on the deck in record time and she went 17.10 on 10.

Another 30 minutes or so and I had located the school again and the 6kg Spin-fisher combo was hooked up and JF locked into a “good fish” while Hooch and Howe went about clearing the gear, just as Clinton Howe had the PENN VSX16 combo at the boat and went to lift the lure out of the water it was taken with a big sucking noise, it had been engulfed less than 6ft off the back of the boat.

JF’s 6kg unit dropped the hook after about 5min (may have been some cuss’in) and then we concentrated on getting Howie’s fish on the deck. Twenty minutes later it was on the surface (after some very skilful rod work by Lord Howe), a few circles and some very nervous minutes it finally was within gaff range and Hooch came in and fired the Dr Hook into him and it was boated. Mozz had been manoeuvring the boat at the helm and at first site of the fish yelled “POW! …….and that my friend may be a record boys!”

Hi 5’s all round and we were back on the mark. We banged a few more tags in as we could only raise fish smaller than we already had. With 3 weighers aboard we were pretty happy and 3.30 couldn’t come quick enough.

To celebrate we stoked up the old Travel buddy oven and smashed some pastry delights and headed west to join the crews for the ole’ “3 o’clock at the rock” session.

All pretty quiet there (except the radio chatter) so we headed home to help out with the weigh in and formalities.

Howe’s fish eventually went 23.5kg on 10kg line taking the new State Record that was previously 19.4kg, and heaviest fish for the day.